Download the new release 20.69

Release 20.69
1) A new MVcut R-function to code continuous vaviables into categorical by choosing graphically
    the breaks points that default to quantiles.

     Heavy  :
     nunber of levels :  3
     Change or not that number ? (y/n)1:


2) The item "Remove/Add variables" no more available in the MAPLSS menu.

Release 20.68
A new auxiliary R-function:   Hotelling

Comments :

                                       Allows to detect Tē ouliers using the PLS components and displays Hotelling ellipses on (ti, tj) scatterplots.

Example:              Linear PLS on 'cornell' data (see Tenenhaus's book on pages 86-87  and the lecture notes, page 199) .

                                     cornelltresult = PLSL(cornell[,1:7],cornell[,8,drop=F])

                              [1] "Xvariables" "plsresult" "Components"